Addicted To Excitement (Feat. B Hyphen) / Bebop & Rocksteady

by Young Thack

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released January 6, 2014



Track Name: B Hyphen - Bebop & Rocksteady
Verse 1: Me and this nigga Thacker, got the x factor
Kidnap ya beat, play nice and then clap her
Not originoo but we'll Boot Camp ya Clik
He's Buckshot, I'm Sean Price, '94 shit
And that's it, no Matrix, just Agent type statements
I said that I would quit but I get such cravings
Wes Craven, New Nightmare, no Freddy, just ready
To Bebop on niggas cause I hold Rocksteady
Turtle power my bong cause it's smoking hour
Zombie apocalypse now, wacks do get devoured
This thing ours and these moments you will never take from me
With dementia setting in, in a home when I'm seventy
Living heavenly, fuck, with no felony comparatively
But I try to channel Shawn, call this West V Marcy
Personality style is Type Dope, you heard of me
American History X all you want, ain't no curbing me.