Live From The Dancefloor EP

by B Hyphen

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A four track EP featuring songs that that didn't quite make Soon You'll Understand.


released January 21, 2014

Kelen Conley - vocals, mixing, mastering, writing, executive producer
95 - producer
Lip Beats - producer
B.A.C.O.N. Beats - producer
Greedy Beatz - producer
R.O.B. - featured artist
Ray Charleston - featured artist
Eric Jordan - executive producer
Matthew Spencer - executive producer



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Track Name: What It Look Like (Remix) (Feat. R.O.B. & Ray Charleston) (Produced by Lip Beats)
Hook: Nothing to it, this is how I do it
No Montell Jordan but I always roll with Jordans
The de-tails aren't important, I'm just live and reporting
Wish a muthafucka would try to test me out of boredom
What it look like, the same old thing
Wake up everyday, going 'gainst the grain
Y'all so lame smokin' yesterday's strain
See I'm on that new shit, in that Hoverboard lane.

B Hyphen: Fuck you, these rhymes aren't for you
I don't mean the listener, I mean those who
Try to get up in my ear talking all that rah rah
Nigga you ain't that nice, kiss that rapping bye bye
Oh? Nice try guy, tell your wife I said hi
Tell her I love her smile and the feel of her inner thigh
And give her my new number cause I had to switch this one
From all of the crazy calls from your dick needy sister
Ugh, gotta hurt, my life I make it work
Yo' life ain't worth shit, you best hit the bricks
For you make me lose my cool, and I gotta get angry
And trust me muthafucka, you won't like me angry!
Rhyme for the love of it, I'll never be famous
You a bitch for the fuck of it, forever you're nameless
I'm shameless when I say this but I happens to pertain to this
You're the reason why I'm pro-choice, never changing!
Track Name: I Met A Girl Named Rumor In 1986 (Produced by 95)
Verse 1: 1986, Len Bias just died
I had just got off the phone with Chiv
I was shocked with the world but it was my day off
I had to see what the night could give
Stopped in at a party, it was funky fresh
I wasn't drinking cause I had to drive
Playing Super Mario when I lost my life
This pretty honey caught my eye
Hopped up from the couch, she rolled her eyes
That didn't stop me in my quest
I said my name's B Hyphen but to keep it short
I'm the super lover, the very best
She shook my hand as she smiled in my face
She said I did not have the goods
Headed for the door, in my hand, a card
Saying meet me in my neck of the woods.
Track Name: Not Like Them (Everything Is Alright) (Produced by B.A.C.O.N. Beats)
Verse 1: Pull my Raiders brim down so it covers my eyes
Could be sober or high, nigga don't ask why
Too cool to be fly, I just cruise nowadays
Still stuck in my ways, scheming to get paid
And I made it, straight edge, no flagrants
Live that Rabble Rouser life, go ape shit
BACON Beatz making statements, I'm just the spokesman
Take a picture, silhouette me, call me the next Jumpman
Not Jordan, just Hyphen, not dunking, just writing
Just making my music, I know it's not charting
I'm an artist and an MC, never was just a rapper
Too talented to sell shoes, so I closed that chapter
Factor in that I've never been quite like anyone else
Average never suited me so I left the same old shelf
For my health and my wallet, it's my sell, hope I bought it
Throwing off lyrical vapors, I just hope that you caught em.

Hook: Everything is all right, I just quit my job and I got the best sleep of my life
And I saw morning light, so I can't be mad, just gotta plan my steps right
And everything is all right, man I'm just so chill, phone ain't flashing a message light
Time for me to take flight, cause I'm not like them, destined to be the boring type.

Verse 2: A wise man said, know ya role, shut ya hole
Man fuck that, bounce back, you take control
Get ahold of yourself, make sure you think clearly
Roll one up for yourself if ya don't grip up easy
No outcome is ever settled until you meet earth
So I put it on the line to see what I'm worth
Could I write that screenplay I always talked about
Can I put out these new tracks, turn 30 and back out
Accountable to myself and not no district manager
Who really thought my paychecks went to a pizza habit
Can't be mad at it but I can try to change
No failing without trying even if you think me strange
Oh yeah, I'm scared to death that it's all in my head
And I should be a good follower, be basic instead
But regrets won't live, I walked out for a reason
Still be here when you leave, a Ben Reilly for all seasons.


Verse 3: This song was 'posed to be called some lowrider music
That you blew trees to, fucked broads and went stupid
And I would've forced it, but it's poetic, justice
Never been out west but I can cut the mustard
And I must've, had to get this off of my chest
I spit that real shit, not that nonsense
I'm the object, of being dope and humble
The only voice that's heard over today's low mumble
Crumble, under adversity, don't tag that brand to me
No tats but it's a guarantee, I aim for victory
Word to Chivalry, with power also comes responsibility
God gifted me with the ability to do more, quite easily
Hypocrisy rises but it's just the flow tho
And Nas does it too, I am a human dude
I'm too cool to be rude, I'm just a little naïve
My Raiders cap to the back, just follow my lead.

Track Name: Soon You'll Understand (Produced by Greedy Beatz)
Verse 1: Back in oh two when I took my album title
I was only nineteen when I thought that this was vital
This is also back when me and Chiv switched it up
Exit: 411 now it's Manifesto, what?!
Soon You'll Understand was supposed to be my second album
Life Turned Into Music first, my feelings gonna sing about em
Got sidetracked by a bitch named rap
Started smoking mad blacks and my voice didn't come back
So I made a couple tracks, they were just okay
Started making mixtapes to get my rhymes in shape
And I learned that I wasn't even staying on beat
So I wasted mad lyrics thinking I was spitting heat
So volume II was me learning to rap again
Thunderstorm was me smacking lames into oblivion
Then again, volume Three's when I hit my stride
Then I went thru some shit and the music just died
I made a track here, I made a remix there
But I was just lazy, it was abundantly clear
And matter of fact, I almost stopped with the raps
Till Breezy came around and I cleaned up my act
I went back to work even tho my joints were aching
I was gonna make a comeback, I had to make a statement
I had to take a chance, prove I wasn't wasting time
#28YearsLater started, stepped my game up online
And I'm waiting on my shine, started making my own videos
I knew that any minute, I would be the next to blow
I was killing every show, thought that I was grinding hard
But I really wasn't doing shit, no changing of the guard
I left Soundvizion cause I had myself a vision
Then I found myself homeless, who was there, yuup the Vizion
And I said it was end, gathered up all my new tracks
Put out Spideyville Unlimited, I wasn't coming back
But you know how it is when it's something that you love
You can't leave it alone, you been bit by that bug
Inspired by CM Punk, I am going out on my terms
Take the title and throw deuces, give a fuck about the concerns
So I came back, to my album title from 10 years ago
Gonna drop this, gonna drop volume 4, and then I'm gonna go
These are the last pieces that I want to be known by
And I'm going out on top, pass you Bryon Russells by.