Track Name: Winning Recipe
Matter of fact, I'm living good, not a care in the world
I'm getting money, watch it stack, I'm taking over the world
And it's a wrap for you lames cause it's judgment day
And I'm so fly even SkyNet can't keep me in frame
Man I have no regrets, the final stretch, I've never asked for nothing
I ain't crumbled yet, my feet are set, the odds are with me, place ya bets
I'm gonna get, where I'm going, fuck you if you don't agree
My ingredients are ready but you'll never get my winning recipe.
Come fly with me, I'm skydiving
Need to the hit the kitchen cause my dough's rising
Jordan 11's because I'm lane driving
Whips always tinted cause haters stay watching
Clocking dollars in little to no time
We having steak night while you choking on porkrinds
Even with the brightest minds observing me
My ingredients are ready but you'll never get my winning recipe.

They call me H-Y Banks cause my deck's always stacked
Tyler Durden flow, I'm crazy, call me Jack
I'm leaned back, exhaling some of Cali's finest
I never been but I got people with the right prices
My girl's priceless, that's why I don't fuck them hoes
No sleep last night and tonight I got another show
Studio living, nigga got tracks to drop
The flow's picturesque, just like MJ's last shot
The ladies be looking, they saying nice watch
But I'm looking for money, I'm trying to get a drop
Might grow my hair again, no dreadlocks
Cause my future's looking bright so I dread not
Rise to the top, do it non-stop, grow this brand up till the shit goes pop
Avoid all cops, never on the spot, do what I love all while making gwap
Ever since Doo-Wop I wanted That Thing that made Lauryn so dope
So don't mind me while I excell I hope you niggas can cope.
Track Name: Familiar Ringtone
Just got paid and it's Friday night
Bout to hit my shoe spot, make sho' my kicks tight
Ya know the air feels right and I'm feeling kinda good
I'mma hit the town tonight, no staying in the woods
Hit Chiv on the jack cause I know he got my back
Got the Tricycle too so we fill out the crew
Couple drinks at the crib then we off downtown
Wherever there's a party in the center we're found
They wanna slide us in fo' free but I still offer to pay
Cause I ain't nobody, just say words in a mean way
Daps to the DJ cause that's where it all starts
Drink in my hand when the danceflo' parts
And there she be, red carpet fresh, a fashion must
With a smile so bright add the curves that's a plus
No strut, cause shorty makes her way right up to me
I ask for one martini and to bill her drinks to me.

Hand her the drink and she sits down
Says it's been a long time Mr. Never Come Around
I say last I recall you was All Wifed Up
Got you a dumb nigga that buys you nice stuff
Hold up, now you know that he's good to me
Yeah but I also read that you're unhappy
So what, you wanted to pursue your dreams
And you said that you couldn't do it with me
But look at us, we in the club and we fighting
Get ya dance on, I'll hold ya corner like Tyson
Order me a 151 on the rocks
Cause my past came back and my nerves kinda shot
Try to forget as the night goes on
Last call come around hear the Jodeci on
This ain't a show, hotel or after-party
When she came back round, I threw deuces to shawty.

Couple slices with the team, we about to lay it down
Separate ways for the night when my phone makes a sound
A familiar ringtone I ain't heard in a minute
It was her, outside, pulling up in a instant
Peace to my niggas and I slide in the whip
She immediately says I'm sorry for the bullshit
Ma it ain't nothing, true feelings always show
She says is that so, I got a spot we can go
Man I'm flashing back to old times, the curves on her body
As she whispers in my ear, we ain't telling nobody
Only thought coming to me is she rides so nice
Go ahead Hyph take her down for the night
Sike, baby girl I'm gonna have to pass
Ain't the right time in our lives to bring up the past
Kiss her on the cheek, slide out and I'm walking
Voices in my head doing mean shit talking.
Track Name: Up In The Clouds (Remix) (Feat. Darwin Deez)
Yeah we were chilling, nothing was gonna come between me and my girl
I promised her the moon, the stars, in fact the whole world
And she's so sexy that her picture's with the definition
Just so all the haters know she's mine and yes she is quite hitting
But I was living, careless and I got sidetracked
Made out with another girl and she's caught me right in the act
And now I'm talking to her voicemail feeling quite absurd
I canceled our flight plan and now I wanna find the words.

So the girl that I made out with that's my new girlfriend
And she just makes me smile because her humor has no end
And she's stacked, I mean packed, got it on the top and bottom
And her legs go on forever, model looks you know she got em
So how is it my fault that my lady friend got tipsy
And that when she came home, my ladyfriend was in bed with me
It ain't my fault that she hopped on for a ride
But I know I hurt my woman and I'm dying inside.

The women come, they go, they leave me wanting mo'
For they are just so beautiful and I keep acting usual
I promise that I love you and I didn't want to hurt you
I think it's really silly that's you're mad because she wasn't you
They come, they go, my money's running low
But I'mma keep on spending it to keep em in the do'
I'll love you all night and I'll see you in the morning
But please don't get to talking cause I'd rather you be moaning.