CM Punk Georgia Funk

by B Hyphen

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Let me take this beat and break it down proper
Hyphen S-T or The Spideyville Author
Word to Check, Hyph Boogie, you just lost one
Feeling like The Miz, cause man I'm so awesome
More like CM Punk cause I don't give a motherfuck
Stunting on you lames to some of my grandmother's funk
Never classify me with these niggas spitting junk
I got Nicole Wray flow cause I'll give you what you want
Cool as the other side of the pillow
I don't put on no show, simply tell the ladies hello
Mellow, fellow, but I am so swagged out
Flow so sweet that yo tooth fell out
Without a doubt, I'm banging on all cylinders
Rhyme's in wartime, it takes no prisoners
Listen up, all real, never caught fictional
Analog soul but I present fully digital
Authentic original, never a cloned copy
The God of Thunder wouldn't even try to stop me
Nerd Fresh general, take my music literal
Reside in timeless, your now shit is funeral
Beautiful music transcends any trends
Complete one hot song, wash, rinse, do again
Then again, that's me, since the phone became the pen
Caught me ass out once, won't ever happen again
Then again, I'm okay with being the nice unknown
Wreck the mic at the spot, leave everyone's mind blown
Go back to my normal life, get out of cyclone mode
You just download all my tracks and keep em as your own
And I'm on, sober or wasted I'm never slipping
Every bar made with love, I don't do it for attention
Not to mention that I'm already so 2025
H-Y McFly alive with Johnny 5
No short circuit, I won't rap in your circus
Just expose your bitch ass, bring your flaws to the surface
And I don't know my purpose but I know I'll get rich
You can laugh at me now, later suck my dick
I insist, fuck no homo that shits dumb
You either is or you ain't, I ain't bothered either one
I ain't one to spew hate I just spit real truth
After every single verse I leave my sig on the booth
Never called aloof I'm the star of the show
My parents raised me right, get respect where I go
Never done blow but I will get lifted
But kicking these syllables has always kept me addicted
I just lay these rhymes the way they ought to be
All a part of me brought to you for greater harmony
But really b, I just wanted to rip this beat to smithereens
And God rest the soul of the great Mr. Redding.


released August 17, 2011